At Research Chemical Vendor you can buy blotters with many forms of substituted LSD. We have both in the form of individual dosage slices and sheets of LSD blotters for sale. Blotters are a means of delivery that is utilized for a few specific compounds called Lysergamides. These chemicals are coated onto a pulp-based sheet traditionally called blotting paper, although nowadays, modern variants are substantially different from the historically used methods.

These sheets of paper contain specific modulated doses of Lysergamides absorbed into their fibers and can be used as an efficient means of delivery for experimentation, research, and laboratory use.

LSD Blotters are a class of research chemicals that include several compounds known for their activity and interaction related to serotonin and dopamine pathways of the body as active psychedelic and hallucinogenic compounds. These compounds are, by nature, amides of the lysergic acid, and there are around 40 compounds present in this class.

Buy blotters? Buy online blotters at Research Chemical vendor. We have a huge range of the best quality LSD. View all blotters for the corresponding effects so that you know whether it fits your research purposes. We guarantee the quality and the origin. Research Chemical Vendor only sells Research Chemical Blotters for research purposes. Not for consumer use.

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Blotters are available from the Research Chemical Vendor website in the form of individual dosage slices and sheets.

The chemicals provided as blotters are of interest to the scientific community due to the potential therapeutic activity of the compounds for disorders related to the body’s serotonin and dopamine pathways.

These chemicals are known to interact with the body’s signaling pathways and regulate serotonin and dopamine’s action, leading to a modulation of the circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycle), mood, and hormonal activity and the neurological activity of the body.

The blotters available through the Research Chemical Vendor website are only meant for research purposes and laboratory use to investigate the therapeutic effects of the related compounds.




Our Blotters product are intended for laboratory use and research purposes only. These chemicals are not graded safe for human consumption. The company shall bear no responsibility or liability for the misuse of these chemicals by the end-user.

Mislabeling of the research chemicals to include standard dosages for human consumption is not approved and is highly discouraged.

As a customer, you are required to check and confirm the legal status of the purchased products in your country and area of residence. The company bears no responsibility for any consequences that may arise through the purchase of chemicals restricted in your country of residence.



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