Diarylethylamines are a chemical class of psychoactive substances. At Research Chemical Vendor, we have the best quality chemicals to start your research!

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Let's face it, studying brand new chemicals can come with certain risks and rewards. And that's exactly what you'll find when it comes to the Diarylethylamine chemical family.

To be upfront, this is a brand new class of chemical compounds that structurally consist of two aryl groups and an ethyl group attached to a nitrogen base. We don't expect a ton of new substances in this class because the base structure only consists of two potential bonding sites for chemical substitutions.

With that said, we do predict Diarylethylamine to quickly rise in popularity over the coming months, and that's exactly why we've decided to stock up. So if you want to plan a study or research project with the potential of becoming a highly cited and referenced masterpiece, then you should consider becoming an expert on Diarylethylamine.

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