About Us

Since late 2009, the company We have traded in legal, new organic chemicals; it had previously traded offline for two years. We used to be based in the UK and supplied a global market under the trading name Buy Research Chemicals UK, but we are now based in Usa. Of course! 😀 Our research chemical orders might be as small as a few milligrams or as large as wholesale. We primarily serve chemical enthusiasts, students, independent researchers, and a variety of educational institutions headquartered in the Us. All of our products are not intended for human consumption and are only to be used in laboratories.

We develop and supply marijuana herbal incense blends utilizing the best leaves and highest purity cannabinoid as part of our primary focus on offering a wholesale service. We can provide up to 100kg per week. Additionally, we are able to provide branded chemical blends as well as a variety of additional chemicals on a wholesale basis. For a list of our wholesale products and prices, please contact us.

Our Working Process

1) Wrong sequences. Since we have a very effective system in place for processing orders, we have never shipped a customer the erroneous research chemical they purchased.

2) Pounds. Every order weights at least that weight and frequently a little bit more. While we never weigh an order under, we don’t mind going a little over.

3) Delivery and dispatch. Orders that are placed before 12 p.m. are shipped out the same day.

4. Order monitoring. The customer receives the tracking numbers for all orders that need them through email in the late afternoon of the day the order is finished.

5) Stuffing. All packaging is completely covert and makes no mention of the contents. Each substance is weighed into a sealed bag. This bag is then put inside of another vacuum-sealed bag. This indicates that the bag is vacuumed of all air before being heat sealed. This stops any particles from escaping the bag while the order is being sent through the postal system. This bag is then placed inside a sealed, yellow bubble-wrapped postal envelope with the recipient’s address.

6) Marking. Except for a few trademarked chemicals, all chemicals are appropriately and clearly labeled with their name, any associated risks, appropriate safety measures, and, if necessary, the chemical structure. We advise sticking with the items in our store that clearly list the substances they contain if you want to know exactly what it is that you are experimenting with.