Next LVL Muscle’s SARMS have shown good results among subjects in controlled environments. think increased muscle mass, endurance, strength and fat burning. Please note: SARMS are intended for research purposes and not for human consumption. Are you located in the Netherlands or USA? Then check out our site by clicking here!

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Do you also get demotivated by all that hard work at the gym without fast visible results? Do you want to keep pumping in the gym indefinitely? Or can that already tight body of yours get even tighter? With SARMs from Next lvl you will achieve visible results in a short time. Give your muscle mass, strength, endurance and fat burning a boost with our extensive range of capsules and be amazed at the results.

Push your limits! Of course, we do our homework when it comes to research chemicals. Therefore, the SARMs we sell are extensively researched, tested and have lab results available. Moreover, we only sell high quality SARMs that are 99% pure. When you buy SARMS in The Netherlands, you are assured of the best quality!

Please note that all information about these research chemicals and the research chemicals themselves are for educational and research purposes only. These products are not supplements and are not suitable for human consumption.


SARMs stand for selective androgen receptor modulators. They are used by bodybuilders to accelerate and maximize the building of muscle mass which you can calculate here! It is seen as a replacement for anabolic steroids as it has the same effect but fewer side effects. Simply put, they are chemicals that tell your cells to either build more muscle or break down more fat. There are different types of SARMs and each has its own effect. This makes goal setting easier.

Because one SARM is not the other, the effects vary. Some SARMs are very similar in effect, but have a different charge, so the half-life (time of effect) is much longer. The dosage with these SARMs is also lower than with lighter variants. At the end of the use phase, you may need to do a Post Cycle Therapy to get your values back on track. Therefore, please read up on it before starting a cycle! Although the side effects of SARMs are clearly less than the side effects of anabolic steroids, we want to point out possible side effects.

SARMs are experimental research chemicals and therefore are prone to side effects such as liver failure, kidney failure, high blood pressure, hair loss, skin rashes, impotence, aggression and impaired vision. However, the risk of side effects with Research Chemical Vendor is minimal. We thoroughly test and research the SARMs we sell. Lab results are available. Our SARMs are 99% pure.


Different types of SARMs have different modes of action. Therefore, it is possible to achieve more targeted results. To achieve even more targeted results, SARMs can be combined. This is also called "stacking". Because each SARM has its own effect, you can research to create your own stack that ensures that your body in no time undergoes the desired metamorphosis. Are you interested in buying SARMs? You can buy SARMs in the Netherlands and USA at Research Chemical Vendor! 

When you are interested to buy SARMS in the Netherlands and USA, Research Chemical Vendor is the best website to do so. Like we mentioned, our SARMS have a high quality and are 99% pure. With that, we like to state again, that when you buy SARMS, you should only use it for educational purposes. SARMS are not for human consumption.